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  • Sanjay: Please inform me if SICKLE CELL disease can be cured and con
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Location: 20 villages in Sinapali Block.

The Sustainable Livelihood Project supported by Trickle-Up india is being implemented in 20 villages of Sinapali Block by covering 350 beneficiaries/stakeholders. 2010-11 is the 1st year of the implenetaion of the project and it will continue up-to 2012-13. During the 1st year of implementation […]

Annual Report 2011: Sustainable livelihoods and NREGA

Project Title :- Sustainable livelihoods and NREGA

Project Location:-4 Villages of Sunapur GP of Boden block of Nuapada district.

Implementing Agency :- Lokadrusti , Khariar

Funded By :- Ford Foundation and Chetna Organic

Reporting Period :- April 2010 to March 2011

Introduction: – In partnership with Ford Foundation and Chetna Organic, Lokadrusti started the NREGA […]

Annual Reports 2011:Child Development Project

Project Title :- Child Development Project

Project Location:-46 Villages of Boden & Komna block of Nuapada district.

Implementing Agency :- Lokadrusti , Khariar

Funded By :- ChildFund India

Reporting Period :- April 2010 to March 2011

Objectives:-Help deprived, excluded and vulnerable children have the capacity to improve their lives and the opportunity to become young […]

Annual Report 2011:GKS PROJECT

Capacity Building of Community Health Workers (ASHA, ANM and AWW) and GKS members on role clarity and data triangulation using PRA techniques in Nuapada District.(Sinapali & Khariar Block)

Supported by: CARE, India (Orissa)

Reporting Period: 1st October to 15th March-2011

Project Area: 236 villages of Khariar and Sinapali Block

Aims and objective of the […]

Annual Report 2011:Children’s Alliance for realization of Child Rights

Project Title :-Children’s Alliance for realization of Child Rights”

Area of Operation :- 30 villages covering 5 G.P’s of Khariar block

Period: : 1st January-2011 to 31st March-2011.

Supported by : Save the Children & European Union.

The report covers the period from 1st January 2011 to 31st March- 2011. As this is the 1st […]

Annual Report 2011: LAMP2


Lokadrusti has been working for the children of seasonal migrants since 2004 with the support of The American India Foundation; New Delhi. Lokadrusti selected a very difficult and neglected category of out-of-school children to work with. These were children of seasonal migrants who were falling through the cracks because of their mobility. Lokadrusti covered […]