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Workshop-Education for Migrant Children

Lobby & Advocacy

State Level Workshop on ‘Education for Children of Migrant Population’ on 26 Jul 2012 was organised. Provided below in original form is the proceedings of a State Level Workshop on Education for Children of Migrant Families in Odisha where Lokadrusti shared a presentation on the role of NGOs in preventing migration of [...]

Lokadrusti experience with Children of the Migrant Parents

Nuapada district, carved by way of bifurcation from Kalahandi district in 1993 is often know for a number of wrong reasons. Being one of the 100 most backward districts of the country this is also ill-reputed for its regular drought, child sale and distress migration. This district is geographically divided into three zone; the western [...]

Distress Migration -Western Odisha

One of the unfortunate area concerning distress migration is that there is no official records as yet on actual incidence of distress migration. How ever research and micro studies indicates that internal migration is increasing over the years and it has immerged as grave concerned for the Government. Some school of thoughts says the migration [...]