Annual Report 2011:GKS PROJECT

Capacity Building of Community Health Workers (ASHA, ANM and AWW) and GKS members on role clarity and data triangulation using PRA techniques in Nuapada District.(Sinapali & Khariar Block)

Supported by: CARE, India (Orissa)

Reporting Period: 1st October to 15th March-2011

Project Area: 236 villages of  Khariar and Sinapali Block

Aims and objective of the project :-

  • Support to health and ICDS for technical and managerial support in two blocks Khariar and Sinapali of Nuapada District.
  • To create awareness among the village community and to sensitize their role and responsibilities in health nutrition and sanitation through Pallisabha.
  • To build capacity of the GKS members( ANM, AWW, ASHA and PRI) in regards to smooth functioning of GKS and initiation of involvement in  planning and implementation of health and other allied activities at village level by conducting regular meeting by animators and through training programme.
  • To facilitate the GKS to address health hygiene and sanitation of the village trained them as per their prescribe norms.
  • To reduce IMR, MMR and Malnutrition rate in village level by sensitize the community through GKS (ANM, AWW, ASHA and PRI).


The present report covers the period from 1st  October to 15th March  2011. As this is new project and all the staffs appointed for this project is new. So a two days orientation programme was organized to sensitized all the staffs on the issues of Health & Nutrition. Excluding this one no of training programme was organized on the subject of Micro-Planning. After sensitization training programme the staffs were placed at field level and implement the project activities as per the DIP.

care1At the initial stages of project intervention the staffs/Animators /BCs moved village to village and organized village level meetings of the all stake holders ie. The ANM, AWW, ASHA, GKS members, SHGs, and PRI members to sensitized on the issues on Health & nutrition. During the project period 2124 numbers of village meetings were organized in 236 GKS villages. The participants are use to share on the issues of health and Nutrition in details and making forward planning for the next months. This meetings not only help to identify the issues but also addressing the issues in a better way. The most remarkable things which is being happened was the data triangulation at the village level which is not happened previously.

c2As the AWW, ANM, GKS members, SHG members and the PRI members are not aware about the data triangulation and making of village Health Micro-Plan it is too difficult in our part to complete the task in a better way. So We had organized 26 nos.(2 days each) of training programme on role clarity, data triangulation and preparation of village Health plan at G.P. level for 780 participants.

Situational Analysis and preparation and updating village Health Plan:

c3The 2nd most priority area of our project intervention is to prepare a village level Health & Nutrition Micro-Plan in 236 villages of Sinapali & khariar Blocks. The staffs with the GKS members participated in the process and finalized the Micro-Plan. Except this the participants present in the meetings are updating the Village Health Plan in regular basis. The problem/issues identified at the villages were analyzed and addressed to solve the matter at different level. In the process the Animators review the Nutrition and Health issues like PNC, NBC. Immunization, Institutional delivery, Nutritional supplements, Pre-schooling and data triangulation etc. The project Animators also presented Malnutrition data of the villages and requested the service providers to conduct joint home visit in regular basis to address the issues.

Monitoring and Coordination to actives nutrition and health programme in GKS village:

c4During the reporting period Mamata divas were organize in their respective GKS villages as per the schedule. Our role here is to organize all the stake holders and the service providers to a common forum to make the activities successful.  During the session all the service providers provide their service and some time the Animators with the service providers visited the house hold (those are in critical period) to aware the mothers on different aspects of Health and Nutrition. The Block Coordintaors as well as the Project co-ordinator also visited the mammata Divas in random basis. After visiting the NHED session they suggested for the better coordination and improvement of the programme. The Project Coordinator and the respective Block Coordinators facilitated the Capacity Building sessions on BCC like IFA consumption, cord care of the new born, feeding practices of the babies above 6 months in Mamata Divas. The Animators triangulate the data of live birth dates of the babies in the last month and numbers of pregnant mothers not consuming IFA out of total pregnant mothers etc with AWW, ASHA and ANM.  The Project coordinator and the Block coordinators discussed about the high risk pregnant mothers and neonates. He also discussed on the issues bad hygienic practices of the people at different villages.

Convention of GKS members:- The convergence meeting of the GKS members held on 24th    March simultaneously in Khariar and Sinapali Block. Around 150 participants were participated in the convention. The chair person were the Sub-collector, Nuapada and CDMO, Nuapada in Khariar Block and BDO, Sinapali and MO I/C CHC Sinapali in Sinapali Block. All the CDPOs and the LSs are participated in the meeting. The village health and nutrition action plans are inaugurated in the two Blocks. The project staffs presented how they oriented the GKS members in different batches; tools used for problem identification, prioritization and participation of the village community and support of GKS members for the development of village health and nutrition action plan. The chair persons and also the other Health and ICDS staffs (guests) highly appreciated the village Health and Nutrition micro plan. They also suggest for the updating of the plan in regular basis.




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