Activities photo Lokadrusti

Training of HW(F) & M on Nutrition and Health in collaboration with UNFP
Promotion of Vegetable cultivation in collaboration with KKS/BMZ
Promotion of Improved variety of Pulses cultivation
Promotion of Oil seed production (Ground Nuts) cultivation.
Promotion of Case crop (Cotton) Cultivation.
Promotion of Food crop(Maize) cultivation.
Promotion of Case crop (Chilly) promotion.
Promotion of Onion Cultivation .
Promotion of Scientific method (Line Trans Plantation)of Paddy cultivation.
Promotion of Case/Food crop vegetable cultivation (Tomato)
Promotion of Vegetable cultivation
Monitoring officer KKF visiting farmers field.
Grocery shop run by our beneficiaries with the support of KKS/BMZ
Construction of Vermi-compost unit for organic fertiliser production through KKS.BMZ
Rain Water Harvesting Structure made through KKS/BMZ project in Mantritarai village
Construction of Ring Wells through KKS/BMZ project for vegetable cultivation.
Onion Go-down in Kotamal village under KKS project
Rain Water Harvesting Structure made under KKS?BMZ project in Bhairajpur village
Rain Water Harvesting Structure at Bikrampur village under KKS/BMZ project
Rain Water Harvesting Structure at Dabri village under KKS/BMZ project
Rain Water Harvesting Structure-2 at Dabri village under KKS project
Land Development through KKS/BMZ project to improved crop productivity.
Introduction of Organic paddy cultivation through KKS/BMZ project in LTP method.
Promote goat rearing with shed in Trickle-up supported project
Engaging children during COVID-19 pandemic.
Promotion of Learning Resource centre in periphery village under AIF supported project
Children Day Observation
Farmers using pump set for safe irrigation and drudgery reduction
Demonstration of Nippin Machine for Red-gram cultivation introduce by ICRISAT
Rain Water Harvesting Structure at Palma Village under Khariar Block
Training of Child Club leaders on Videography
Monitoring visit by KKS Team from Germany
Demo on Line Transplantation of Paddy
Weeding in LTP Field
Rain Water Harvesting Structure in Chandgiri village under KKS/BMZ project
Nursery Raising(vegetable) in Sinapali Block during Rabi-2020
Sunflower demo in KKS Field
Promotion of onion cultivation in the field.

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