Aim and Objectives

  • To promote the development of tribal women and children in a very backward drought prone area through organizing people’s organization.
  • To promote health, hygiene and sanitation of the village.
  • To promote self help groups among rural poor for their socio-economic development.
  • To develop and conserve natural resources of the area.
  • To organize village women groups to fight for their legitimate rights.
  • To promote children education in the remote villages.
  • To organize the village community on Gender equality to give the same status to women as men.
  • To make action research to develop new intervention strategies for socio-cultural and economic development of down- trodden poor of drought prone area.
  • To serve as a forum of exchange of ideas among rural people, local intellectuals and developmental Agencies.
  • To establish education institution for promotion of primary and higher education for the development of deprived students.
  • To impart training for skill development of rural youth.
  • To implement government programs through awareness creation.
  • To collect the voice of the people and create a system of feedback to the planners administrators of the public, response, reaction and understanding of various issues of developments.
  • To prepare literature for the rural audience.
  • To carry out and promote participatory research in order to help people understand analyze and interpret their problem of developments.
  • To carry cut research Institutes on important areas of social relevance.
  • To do all other things those are incidental and conducive to the above said objectives.