Lokadrusti Activities

  1. Distribution of cotton mask
  2. Awareness building on hand washing and social distancing
  3. Provision of ration (Rice, Dal, Oil, Turmaric & Salt ), soap and sanitizer for 1200 migrant households
  4. Distribution of 5000 story books among children to promote book reading habit and encourage children to stay at home
  5. Promoting of nutri garden in migrant households 

Linking of 15 most deprived and volunerable households with donor for financial support of Rs.5000 to each household

  1. Area Covered: 10 blocks of Nuapada, Balangir & Kalahandi district in Odisha
  2. Total Population Served: 20000.
  3. Number of Days during which assistance is given (In case of relief).
  4. Total Expenditure:19,22,500.

5.   Sources of Fund :-

  1. Own Contribution.
  2. Membership Contribution.
  3. Grants
Awareness Programme
Distribution of Masks

6.   Future Plan:

  1. Promotion of nutri garden as a household nutritional supplements for people 
  2. Poviding relief materials to needy people.
  3. Rehabilitation of migrant workers through promoting of farm and off farm activities.


The relief programmes for COVID-19 pandemic and distress migrants are supported by:-

  1. Vikram Lal    – 14,72,500
  2. Paschim Odisha Paribar Mumbai – 47000
  3. OXFAM India 75000

Total ₹ 19,22,500


Abani Mohan Panigrahi, Mob.No. 9437071812, Email ID –

TV Report on COVID-19 activity by Lokadrusti