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  • Dharmu Dhar Podha: Lokadrusti is really a pioneer torch bearer of Nuapada dist
  • Dharmu Dhar Podha: Annual Report is very pragmatic and provide us inspiration
  • Dharmu Dhar Podha: After goind through your Annual Report we learned so many th
  • Sanjay: Please inform me if SICKLE CELL disease can be cured and con
  • cms babu: Well deserved recognition for the work. Keep it up.
  • Amen xavier kaushal: hello Abani da, happy to know the impact of your work.
  • Anshul: Hi, You people are doing a good job. Keep it up.

Lokadrusti work on Distress Migration 2017

Workshop-Education for Migrant Children

Lobby & Advocacy

State Level Workshop on ‘Education for Children of Migrant Population’ on 26 Jul 2012 was organised. Provided below in original form is the proceedings of a State Level Workshop on Education for Children of Migrant Families in Odisha where Lokadrusti shared a presentation on the role of NGOs in preventing migration of […]

Lokadrusti experience with Children of the Migrant Parents

Nuapada district, carved by way of bifurcation from Kalahandi district in 1993 is often know for a number of wrong reasons. Being one of the 100 most backward districts of the country this is also ill-reputed for its regular drought, child sale and distress migration. This district is geographically divided into three zone; the western […]